0 to 1 Sales – episode 1 with Matt Marshall

How do you know if your superstar sales rep is ready for management?

Here is Matt Marshall’s take:

It’s one thing to have perfect timing and ride waves. It’s another thing to bend the universe to your will across several startups.

That’s why Matt is so inspiring.

He has consistently delivered results regardless of the vertical or company size:

  • At SuccessFactors, Matt was selling to HR and scaled the team from 6 reps to 80+.
  • At Citrix, he grew his team from $20M to $60M within 4 years and got promoted to AVP.
  • At Iterable, Matt led sales for 4+ years and 30x’d revenue.

He’s now the CRO at SPIFF.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The differences between selling at startups vs. more established companies.
  • What Matt looks for in great sales hires and founders.
  • How to keep your cool when the startup ride gets bumpy… and it will.
  • And, how to know if your superstar rep is ready for management.

One of Matt’s favorite books is The Fountainhead. He’s also a big fan of the Bill Simmons Podcast.

Here’s our full interview: