0 to 1 Sales – episode 2 with Andy Mowat

What are the most exciting trends in Sales/Marketing Ops?

Here’s Andy Mowat’s take:

Ops needs more props.

We’re so focused on hitting the quarterly number that we forget to build the GTM systems that will help us scale from 0 to 1.

That’s Andy’s specialty.

He’s the mastermind behind the systems that propelled Box and Culture Amp into greatness.

He’s currently the VP of GTM Ops at Culture Amp .

I had the pleasure of getting his advice on:

  • The first things you should consider when designing your sales + marketing stack.
  • The optimal relationship between Ops and Finance in crafting operational plans.
  • The limitations of Salesforce, and when to implement tools like FiveTran and Looker.
  • And, how Ops should bring questions to the leadership team vs. waiting for them to ask questions.

The one book Andy recommends to his new hires is Traction.

If you’re starting to think about building out your Ops function, I’d highly recommend checking out Andy’s GTM Handbook.

Here’s our full interview: