0 to 1 Sales – episode 6 Steven Broudy

We’ve never experienced a more competitive talent market for tech workers.

So, how do you recruit leaders, while also optimizing for diversity?

Listen to what Steven Broudy has to say:

Prior to getting into sales, Steven completed 5x combat deployments (2x Iraq, 3x Afghanistan) and executed complex, joint special operations missions in support of U.S. strategic policy and objectives.

He’s now the SVP of Sales at Bevy, a virtual conference and community events software platform.

They’ve raised over $60 million from a diverse coalition of partners—20% of their total funds raised come from Black investors. You can read more about their commitment to diversity here.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Steven about his transition into sales and scaling the SDR org at MuleSoft before the Salesforce acquisition.

If you’re interested in learning more about his origin story, I highly recommend listening to his SalesHacker interview here. It’s insightful and funny as hell.

You can check out our full interview below: