Hey, I’m Bardia.

I’ve scaled SaaS startups from <1-20 million ARR and led revenue teams that exceeded targets for ten consecutive quarters. I love “early-stage building” and aim to share my learnings here.

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About me:

I joined Roboflow (YC Startup backed by David Sacks) after scaling Teleport from Seed to Series C.

Highlights from my time at Teleport:

  • First Sales hire. Built the GTM engine that scaled Teleport from <1-20 million ARR and 1 to 80+ team members (5+ directors, 25+ AEs).
  • Grew ARR by 2.5-4x YoY while exceeding an NRR of 140%.
  • Surpassed our company’s global revenue targets for 10 consecutive quarters.
  • Built an outbound engine and hired an SDR leader to scale it to generate more than 50% of our ARR.
  • Led all revenue functions (AEs, SDRs, CSMs, SEs, Sales Ops) before recruiting our CRO.

I also advise and invest in startups ex. RudderStack, Deep Sentinel, Lantern.

Focus Areas: Open-source Software, Cloud Infrastructure, Dev Tools, Security, A.I., and Machine Learning.

Bardia has been advising RudderStack for the last 2 years and has been instrumental to not only the success of RudderStack but also my personal success. Since bringing him on as an advisor we managed to grow revenue over 400% and raised funds from Kleiner Perkins and Insight Partners.

Brett Umberg – Head of Sales @ RudderStack

If you’re building something that aligns with my expertise, connect with me via Twitter or Linkedin.